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Da Paolo Ristorante @ Holland V

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Da Paolo started from a specialist Italian restaurant in Holland V to grow into this empire with restaurants, bistros, easy dining/grocery all over Singapore. Going back to where it all started, I remembered a very good Spaghetti Nero (one of the best in Singapore) and wanted to see if the standard has dropped when it expanded.

Spaghetti Nero

The signature did not disappoint. The dish was not too salty (as it was in many instances elsewhere), and the calamari was sliced to the same thickness as the spaghetti such that you could not really differentiate the noodles from the squid. Excellent.


The minestrone soup was a delight as well. Instead of a tomato-based broth, the rich vegetable stock was enhanced with fresh chunks of tomato that gave the sour biteof tomato, but kept the soup clear and light.

Ravioli Guancia

Ravioli stuffed with minced beef check was flavourful pack in every mouthful. A little bit of broth made this the bovine version of XiaoLongBao. But the choice of meat may be a bit strong for some to take. Jo and the Princess did not like this.

The whole experience was marred by a weak service staff. I don’t know if they were overworked, or they were just unhappy, the entire service staff (mainly Filipinos) was sourface throughout. They looked at us and were impatient the whole time while we looked through the menu. The ultimate insult – they asked if we were actually looking for the pizza bar down the road. Truly disappointing.

Service: Really? 1/5. Food: Generally above average Italian fare, 4/5. Price: $50 pax, value for money as the quality of the ingredients was evident. Ambiance: Very quiet Sunday afternoon, clean decor.

Da Paolo Ristorante
44 Jalan Mera Saga #01-56

Tel: 6476 1332

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