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Him Kee Hotpot 謙記火鍋 @ Hong Kong

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The hotpot scene in Hong Kong has seen many players came and went every year. Once it was swarmed with China-based chains like Little Sheep 小绵羊, Tam Fishhead 谭鱼头 and many others. They came, they were popular for a while and then they disappeared. What remained were the Hong Kong-styled hotpot restaurants – great stock, local produce and good condiments. We went to Him Kee, the recent craze and I hope they would continue to prosper in this cut-throat market.

If you like the rowdy, communal ambience of hotpot, Him Kee is a must-go destination during the winter season. They’ve got two branches, both within walking distance on Jaffe Road (seems like most kickass Chinese restaurants have multiple locations within meters of each other). Hotpot and yakiniku places tend to be hit and miss – hey, you’re cooking for yourself. There’s no need to worry about quality here. There’s both freshness and variety. Veggies were garden-fresh (corn and watercress in hotpot is surprisingly delicious), with meats ranging from the usual suspects to offal and ostrich, and it’s seafood galore with oysters, clams, eel, fish cutlets, conch and all sorts of fishballs. We ordered the piquant Sichuan spiced broth and a mild, savory tomato and beef-based one. Throw in a smorgasbord of condiments (garlic, scallions, cilantro, sesame oil, sesame paste, fresh chillis, Chinese wine) to play with and you have a perfect hotpot experience. For dessert, try the sweet boiled custard dumplings. They also serve complimentary chilled red bean cakes and mango sticky rice cake, a light and delicious way to cool down and end your gastronomic marathon. It also serves dim sum from 11:30am-2:30pm.

Him Kee Hotpot 謙記火鍋
1/F – 3/F, Workingfield Commercial Building, 408-412 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2838 6116

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