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Satay By The Bay @ Marina Bay

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A modern update on the Satay Club along the old Esplanade tradition, Satay By the Bay tries to recapture the hawker atmosphere of fragrant satay grilling away while the sea breeze blew. Well, this place did not capture any breeze and looking for the entrance was a challenge for one.

I would recommend it for friends for overseas who happened to be at Gardens By the Bay. Just to go there for the satay would be a bit out of the way.

Sambal Dua Tao. The sambal was overpowering the dish. Not sure if the Dua Tao were fresh because all you can taste was the sauce.

Satays – some atas varieties. I did not order from Fatman or any famous stores, but instead went to the one with the least queue, City Satay. The sauce was a bit sweet. The satay were cold when served. But at $58 for the set, it was definitely designed as a tourist trap.

BBQ Stingray. The stingray was $18 and queue was quite long. The sambal was quite good and the chinchalok sauce complimented the stingray. But $18 was but too much to pay for a small piece of fish.

Sambal Kangkong. Waste of time. But the kids need to eat some greens.

Seafood(?) Fried Rice, without the seafood. Total disaster.

Gong gong. Another disaster. Blanched to death and chewy.

Mee Goreng. This was the savior dish. In the Pungggol Mee Goreng style, it was very well balanced in terms of the moistness and flavor. Highly recommended.

Oyster omelette. Don’t sure if the Fengshan one was better.

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