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Kitaohji Akasaka Sayro 北大路赤板茶寮

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Kaiseki-ryori 懷石料理 is a multi-course Japanese dinner that is equivalent to Haute Cuisine in French cuisine. It features the ingredients of the season and showcase a whole array of style of the chef de cuisine. You never would have the same Kaiseki twice. If you are in Japan, you have to try this at least once, even though it would set you back between ¥8,000~18,000 ($120 ~$2,500) depending on the ingredients.

Even so, it’s still cheaper than most Kaiseki in Singapore which is around $250~$400.

Typical it will come in the following courses – a selection of appetisers (boiled, stew, marinated), sashimi, a fried dish (tempura), a grilled dish, a steamed or cooked dish, a noodle or rice dish and dessert.

Zensai 前菜 Appetiser


The appetiser dish came with 7 items.

Otsukuri 向付 Sashimi


Agemono 揚げ物 Deep Fried Course


Shiizakana 強肴 Main Course


Tome-wan 止椀 


Mushimono 蒸物 Steamed Course 


Mizomono 水物 Dessert


Kitaohji Akasaka Sayro

Akasaka eight one building B1,
2-13-5, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 100-0014


〒100-0014 東京都千代田区永田町2-13-5 赤坂エイトワンビルB1
ご予約 03-5512-3737

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