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Tsukiji Sushi Say @ Ginza

If Tsukiji is the centre of all the world’s freshest seafood, then Ginza is the centre of the world’s best sushi. Besides the famous Jiro of Ginza, whom Robuchon called the most exquisite taste he has ever eaten (Jiro returned the compliment by saying Robuchon has the best tastebud in the world), Ginza is the Battle Royale for the sushi scene. Even a chain store like Sushi Say would have to give their A game in order to survive this expensive location.


You have order the Omakase so that you can enjoy the freshest selection from the market. And at USD 30 for Omakase, this is really a bargain.

Anago Teriyaki
Anago Shio

It came with 9 courses of really good sushi. Because I did not like the eggs (Tamago), they replaced it with Hotate (Scallops) as the last course for this 10 piece Omakase.

A la Carte Orders

Of course 10 pieces of sushi in Ginza would not be enough for a big boy like myself. The sushi here has very little rice compared to the ones in Singapore. So I ordered a couple more.

Botan Ebi

Unlike the posher places like Kyubey, this was served without the head, so you would not get the second shio-grilled head of the Botan prawn. It was as fresh as what you would get at Kyubey.

Grilled Salmon Cheek

What surprised me was that the grilling was done under the sushi counter and not from the back kitchen. So it was not charcoal grilled but oven baked. And it did not have the crisp and smoked taste I was expecting.

Aji Sashimi

I had the Aji for sushi during the omakase, so I wanted a repeat of the fatty mackerel that was in season then. Remember nothing was more than ¥680, so I could dine with ease.


My traditional curtain call, Tekkamaki. It was fulfilling and the maguro akamai was nicely marinated in soy and everything was in good balanced.

So it was not the ultimate sushi experience, but it was definitely a notch better than Sushizanmai. And this was in a reasonable price given the quality and location.

Located right opposite the Apple Store in Ginza, it’s on the forth floor of a non-descrip building that has a tie boutique on the ground floor. Even the ties in the boutique was more expensive than the meal I had.

Tsukiji Sushi Say
Japan, 〒104-0061 Tōkyō-to, Chūō-ku, 中央区Ginza, 4 Chome−4−6−18

Tel : +81 3-3563-5557

Date visited : Oct 2017

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