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Home town 荷唐 @ Shanghai

Terrior Parisien got a Michelin star and promptly closed. Taking over its location is a new Nouveau Chinoise restaurant called Home Town. What attracted me was the menu featured quite a few Singaporean classics, like chicken rice and bak kut teh.

海南鸡饭 Hainanese chicken rice

海南鸡饭 Hainanese chicken rice reminded me of home. The only fault was the chicken they used was a leaner 三黄鸡 from local farmers. However the rice and sauces were as good as it gets.

海胆虾仁水饺 Uni shrimp dumpling

海胆虾仁水饺 Uni shrimp dumplings was like the normal dumplings, could not taste any bit of uni.

狮子头午餐套餐 Lion’s head meatball lunch set

My colleague ordered 狮子头午餐套餐 Lion’s head meatball lunch set, which came with a dan dan noodles, a mix of Szechuan and Shanghainese.

“步步高升”群英会 “Prosperity” amuse bouche set

“步步高升”群英会 “Prosperity” amuse bouche set – it included a tasting portions of 7 different kinds of appetisers. From top level down: 鹅肝冻 Foie gras mousse, 口水鸡 Szechuan spicy chicken, 金钱肚 braised beef tripe, 香椿麻椒夫妻肺片 Szechuan pig offals, 话梅樱桃小番茄 sour plum cherry tomatoes,  酱黄瓜 pickled cucumber and 芥末豌豆叶 Vietnamese salad rice rolls.

“步步高升”群英会 “Prosperity” amuse bouche set

The presentation was amazing. I loved the salty sweet cherry tomatoes and the foie gras. Along with foie gras was a plate of toast for you spread the mousse. The rest were OK.

上汤时蔬 Vegetable in broth

上汤时蔬 Vegetable in broth would be referred to as 上汤三色蛋苋菜 spinach in broth with three types of eggs. I am surprised to find this here in Shanghai, because it’s more a SEA creation made popular by Chinese chefs in Singapore and Malaysia.

抹茶慕斯布丁Matcha mousse

The Hainanese chicken rice set came with a dessert, 抹茶慕斯布丁Matcha mousse. It came in an expresso cup with a very strong taste of matcha and smooth pudding rather than mousse.

The Man behind Home Town – Jack Aw Yong 欧阳庆龙

Chef Jack Aw Yong © Hyatt

The restaurant was the first foray in Shanghai for a fellow Singaporean, Chef Jack Aw Yong. He was the Executive Chef for Park Hyatt Beijing, only recently handing over to his brother, Chef Aw Yong. spent over 25 years in different locations for Hyatt including Grand Hyatt Beijing and specialised in French cuisine. Jack has made Singaporeans proud for appearing as a judge on a hit TV reality cooking show that was modelled after Masterchef.

Over the years, he has infused French cooking techniques and plating with Chinese classics, like steamed wax gourd, foie gras terrine, Peking duck, etc. In Home Town, it’s like a homecoming for Jack. You can find Singaporean favourites like Bak Kut Teh and Hainanese chicken rice, and also his adopted hometown of Beijing like Peking duck, and his culinary roots with the terrine and beef courses.

So glad to find such authentic chicken rice right below my Shanghai office!

荷唐 Home Town
Tel : (021) 60881677

Date Visited : Mar 2019

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