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ûü·soufflér 悠悠舒芙蕾 @ Shanghai

ûü·soufflér 悠悠舒芙蕾 is a mouthful to call. When it first opened with the Raffles City Changning mall in the basement foodcourt, the queue was so long the police had to intervene. Not hard to see why.

牛乳舒芙蕾 Milk soufflé

Because I was so stressed by work, a really considerate colleague bought one of their soufflé for my afternoon tea. Nothing to beat stress with a really nice dessert!

As it was a takeaway order, it did not come with ice cream.
ûü·soufflér 悠悠舒芙蕾(长宁莱佛士)

Date Visited : Mar 2019

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