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Gongyuan Shulou 貢院蜀樓 @ Beijing

For really good and authentic Sichuan cuisine in Beijing, you have to go to th Sichuan Representative Office. Anything more authentic, you have to go Sichuan.

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Sichuan Representative Office

Sichuan Rep Office

Every province has a representative office in Beijing to serve as liaison between the capital and the provinces, and also as a hotel and entertainment place for officials and their guests. So every one of them would feature a really good and authentic restaurant that serves the province’s cuisine. Like Nanchang and Xinjiang rep offices, they have really good chefs that were seconded from the hinterland.

夫妻肺片 Sliced Beef Tripe in Chili Oil With Peanuts

The cheapest parts of a cow are usually made into appetisers like the shank or stomach. This 夫妻肺片 Sliced Beef Tripe in Chili Oil With Peanuts took away the foul smell of the beef tripe by cooking it in a ton of spices.

川味雜拌 Sichuan spicy pig innards

Nothing is wasted in Sichuan with 川味雜拌 Sichuan spicy pig innards. All the innards of the pig are used in this delicious dish.

麻辣鹵水兔頭 Mala rabbit heads

If eating Bugs Bunny is not your cup of tea, this 麻辣鹵水兔頭 Mala-spiced rabbit heads would be a total turn-off. All the heads have been cooked in the mala spice for a long time that the meat are fork tender and thoroughly flavourful.

毛血旺 Pig blood curd and offals in spice

毛血旺 Pig blood curd and offals in spice was one of their signature dish. It has upgraded ingredients like bits of cuttlefish, sea cucumber with the traditional pig blood curd, goose intestines, pig offals, etc. By the time this was served, my lips were already numb.

水煮鱸魚 Shuizhu sea bass

Wanna see more chili oil than you’ve ever seen in a single place? Order yourself a bowl of 水煮鱸魚 Shuizhu sea bass and wait for your volcano to arrive. Tender filets of fish — in our case, sea bass – are marinated, brined, coated in cornstarch, and slipped into a bowl of hot broth with a thick layer of chili oil flavored with dried chilies and sichuan peppercorns on top. As you lift the slices out from their bath, they drag up through the oil, which gives them (and probably your shirt) a flavourful coating.

絲瓜燴竹笙尖 Loofah and bamboo fungus in stock

絲瓜燴竹笙尖 Loofah and bamboo fungus in stock is one of the three non-spicy courses that we ordered. It was almost like a soup, but the loofah and bamboo fungus soaked up all the goodness in the stock.

韭黃肉絲 Yellow chives with pork

Another non-spicy dish, 韭黃肉絲 Yellow chives with pork was a simple vegetable dish that everyone can prepare.

清湯松茸煲甲魚 Turtle soup with mushrooms

The third non-spicy dish was a soup, 清湯松茸煲甲魚 Turtle soup with mushrooms. The soup provided the necessary deprives from all those spices.

燃麵 Fiery noodles

燃麵 Fiery noodles is so called because it was cooked with oil and can be lighted up. Also, it is very spicy, with black vinegar, soy sauce, dried chilies, sugar, salt, MSG, ground Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, ground peanuts, chopped scallions, chopped pickled mustard root, a vat of red chili oil, and ground pork.

甜葉兒粑 Sweet leaf mochi

A sweet dessert, 甜葉兒粑 Sweet leaf mochi is a glutinous rice ball that this is sweet, quite chewy and not recommended to be eaten in a rush.

This place serves the most authentic Sichuan food in the whole of Beijing. As it is Sichuan government-owned, the service is so-so. They didn’t even say we have over ordered for our party. Anyway, it was for the food and not the service. And the other plus point, it is really reasonably priced for such quality food in Beijing.

Sichuan Rep Office 贡院蜀楼·川办餐厅(东城店)
Tel : 65122277-6101,01065287828

Date Visited : Mar 2019

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