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Dine in Makcik Tuckshop

Tenderbest opened a new concept shop near my place. I did some takeaways the last time I was there. But I made a point to return for a dine-in experience.

faked “bird’s nest” drink

A very nostalgic drink I used drink this faked “bird’s nest” whenever I went out with my dad. This was a little treat made with pandan flavoured sugared water and agar agar bits. There used to be many street vendors that peddled this simple yet tasty drink for 10¢ and it was not diluted with ice. Now it’s a cool $2.00 and yet full of ice.

buffalo drumlettes

The buffalo drumlettes were just fried chicken drenched with bbq sauce.

crispy fried half chicken rice

Tenderbest was famous for their half chicken rice. It came in two flavours – grilled or fried. The crispy fried half chicken rice I ordered this round came with flavoured rice and a small side of coleslaws. The chicken was delicious, juicy,  hot and crispy. The rice was a bit underwhelming. I remembered they used to serve it with Hainanese chicken rice. But now it’s just coloured rice.

curry chicken nasi lemak

And they have innovated with other local favourites like the curry chicken nasi lemak. The nasi lemak was tasty with a nice fragrant coconut infused rice. But it was the chilli sauce that came with the nasi lemak that stole the show. The curry? Forgettable.

black pepper crab pasta

Princess was attracted to the black pepper crab pasta because of the black pepper. The sauce was like those bottled black pepper sauce. Overall, this was the worst dish for the dinner.

Again, stick to the fried chicken. Nothing else matters.

Tenderfresh Makcik Tuckshop
Mega@Woodlands, 39 Woodlands Close #01-68, Singapore 737856

Date Visited : Dec 2019

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