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Nabe Seizan @ Wisma

Nabe Seizan is a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant in Tokyo founded by Chef Haruhiko Yamamoto, a Kaiseki restaurant specialising in nabe.  For its outing in Singapore, they have opted for a simpler menu. There is no ala carte menu – only set lunch and dinner for patrons to savour their specialties.

The secret is in the dashi. The Japanese stock and foundation to everything delicious is the reason why their flagship store in Japan get the 2 Stars.

和牛まぶし Wagyu Mabushi

Wagyu mabushi

Seizen has created an original dish called wagyu mabushi. Drawing hints from two types of steamed eel dishes, Seizen uses wagyu instead of eel. The Kuroge Wagyu beef comes served over rice in a deep bowl and topped with a tangy sauce. First, enjoy a piece of the umami-packed soft meat. Next, mix in the toppings to your liking. We recommend the simmered seasoned beef and the Japanese wild pepper. Finally, pour in the tea-based fish broth and finish the remainder ochazuke style. The clean, clear stock mixes beautifully with the meatiness of the dish, keeping you digging back in for more.

The secret weapon to really enjoy it was the sea urchin. It gave the whole dish the umami and depth and sophistication.


We ended the meal with a true Japanese treat. First up, the matcha tea 抹茶. The powder of green tea leaves made using the traditional tea ceremony method, it can be quit bitter and powdery for the uninitiated. But after the initial bitterness, the subtle sweetness comes through and lingered on the tongue.

Matcha pound cake with heavy cream

And then there’s the pound cake made with matcha.  Sweet, very sweet. Must have matcha tea.

There’s only 15 portions the mabushi per meal service so make sure when you reserve your seats, say you want the reserve the mabushi.

Nabe Seizan
Level 04 Japan Food Town Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877
Tel : +65 6262 3259

Nabe Seizan

Date Visited : Dec 2018


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