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Dee Tongue Thai by Rung Mama

Two years in since we mentioned Golden Mile Complex was up for collective sales. No sound n picture, but let’s make sure we enjoy the wonderful Thai restaurants that are in there as long as we can!

Rung Mama have been serving authentic Thai home-cooked food since the 1980’s. Started off as Udonthani to Sakhon and to Dee Tongue Thai, all situated within Golden Mile Complex throughout the years, Rung Mama’s children decided to pursue and expand the culinary skills of their mother and hence, Dee Tongue Thai was opened. Dee Tongue Thai served an array of recipes using home-made sauces, marinades and chillies that leads each dish to its unique taste.

Thai Prawn Omelette ไข่เจียวกุ้งสับ Kai Jeow Goong

You need a lot of oil to make Kai Jeow to get that fluffy, crispy, burnt texture of egg omelette. They have done it to perfection, the inside remained fluffy, the omelette was not dry. This time we tried it with shrimps.

Stir Fried Kailan Leaves With Crispy Pork ผัดคะน้าหมูกรอบ Pad Ka Na Moo Kop

Classic Thai dish of Pad Ka Na Moo Kop was made with their homemade crispy pork that remained crispy even when cooked with the kailan and sauce.

Garlic Pork Intestines ไส้ตันทอดกระเทียม ​Sai Taan Tod Kra Tiem

Another Classic Esan special of Sai Taan Tod Kra Tiem, which pig intestine deep fried with garlic, basil, lemongrass and other aromatics. Perfect with a cold beer, but we have to resist – it was just lunch.

Seafood Gravy Noodles ราดหน้าทะเล Lad Na Talay

Lad Na is my comfort food. Sticky bean paste gravy over charred kway teow. The kway teow had “wok hey” and thinly sliced beef complemented the lad na. Not exactly like the Lor 9 Beef Horfun, but this was one of the best lad na I had in Singapore.

Everyone ordered different dishes and they were all served promptly.

The place is not fine dining, but it serves really authentic Thai food. If you are going for a client meeting afterwards, please be aware that you would smell like lunch after dining here as the ventilation is quite bad.

But I would recommend all to come before it really is gone forever.

Dee Tongue Thai by Rung Mama
5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex, #02-33, Singapore 199588
Tel : +65 9626 1913

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