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Sakura Kaiten @ Melbourne

Located next to the Sheraton Melbourne in Little Collins there is a small little sushi restaurant called Sakura which is constantly packed. I managed to squeeze in one evening just before closing time.

Located at a quiet and lovely street in the Ground Zero where restaurants fight it out for the theatre going crowds, this place sands out as the best sushi train (kaitensushi) you can find in Melbourne.

Kaiten sushi

In this cramped setting, you can enjoy a variety of fresh sushi, sashimi and cooked dishes passing by on the sushi train. Don’t see what you want or someone took that last plate? Order from an army of service staff and it will be brought to you separately.

(PS: this has been updated and you just do it using the tablet at each table and your dish will speed over on the special train line.)

Even though this is kaiten sushi, it is not cheap. Quality for the items is not consistent. The sea urchin at this visit was off, but the prawn was fantastic. However all the sushi were beautifully made and instagrammable.

Service is great, but restaurant is a quaint little store that can’t house a lot of people so better for smaller sized groups.

Sakura Kaiten Sushi
61 Little Collins Street, CBD, Melbourne, Australia
Tel : 03 9663 0898

Date Visited : Jul 2014

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