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The White Pergola @ Tel Aviv

After the delicious encounter at Magdala, I was yearning for St Peter’s fish when I was back in Tel Aviv. The waterfront was lined up with seafood restaurant serving this, chose one at random and went in.

Tel Aviv Waterfront

Take the gorgeous walk along the promenade next to Tel Aviv beach along Mediterranean Sea all the way south to the Jaffa Port.  When you get to the official port area, just past the little guard house at the entrance, look up and to your right for some breathtaking murals on the side of the building.  After you stroll a bit and maybe stop at a restaurant in the shopping complex, walk through to the other side where you can see another super-sized mural.  You’ll see a set of stairs going up directly behind the shopping complex to the right of the Na Laga’at theater.  There are a few more small pieces of street art lining the wall besides the stairs.


The mineral water cost the same as a coke. But you need the sustainance in this hot and humid weather.  I also ordered a half bottle of Mount Hermon White 2013, which is a dry blend of sauvignon blanc, viogner and muscat. The wine from the Golan Heights winery was refreshing and accompanied the primarily seafood dinner well.



I realised that bouillabaisse in Israel were typically made without shellfish as most Israelis do not take shellfish. The purely fish soup in a tomato base was therefore less exciting than it could be, even though the fish was really fresh. Now I am looking forward to the St Peter’s fish.


Next came the mezze and tthere were 7 main kinds of salads and hummus provided, accompanied by piping hot pita bread. The salads were tasty and fresh, especially the hummus and eggplant, they went very well with the delightful bread. I still could not get used to the pickled cauliflower (which I almost always get at every time). And there’s a plate of lemon?

Deep Fried St Peter’s Fish

Deep Fried St Peter’s Fish

Second time in two days, this one was exactly what I expected of tilapia, bland and muddy. The skin was soft and I could bring myself to finish it. Luckily the view of the sunset made up for the disappointment.

Sunset along the Tel Aviv promenade

I cannot say so much about the food, the service was great until you finished ordering and they knew you are already hooked. Nevertheless, I love the view of the old harbour, the sunset against the horizon, and the excellent weather in Tel Aviv.

The White Pergola (Hasuk Halevana) הסוכה הלבנה
Tel Aviv port 1, Yordei Hassira St, Hangar # 4
Tel : +972-3546474

Date Visited : May 2014

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