Hello 2021, A New Beginning

Welcome to 2021. 2020 came and gone, and it was as though we did not leave our house the entire year. Now we are going into the New Normal. This is Part 2 of a two-part farewell-hello.

Life in 2020 spiralled down into a grind, when many things we took for granted became restricted or impossible. We were made to let go some things we thought were essentials as we reprioritised the little things in life that we finally realised mattered most to us.

As 2020 slipped by, let’s recount many of my “firsts” since the fateful moment when the world came to a standstill.

First Meal After Lockdown

I remember we discussed what we wanted as the first meal in a restaurant after all this time of cooping up at home during Phase 1 of the Circuit Breaker. It must be something that we cannot prepare ourselves at home.

First meal after the Circuit Breaker

And then we settled for Haidilao. How boring you might think, but since the lockdown with everything closed, communal-style eating like shabu-shabu and hotpot became still quite restricted.

Chefs at work with masks on

Buffets have converted from smorgasbord style to ala carte order to the table. Restaurants are restricted to 8 per table (from 5 when this was written) and last alcohol beverage must be consumed by 10.30pm. Social distancing is still required. Nightlife has been relaxed with conditions.

First Travel Since Yesterday

Waiting at the gate

This is the era of what we called the New Normal. The virus has an official name – Covid-19. People are taking more chances as they try to go back to their normal routines, but the numbers of infected kept rising. Singapore government made several agreements with countries that have kept the virus in control. Called “Green Lanes”, these arrangements allowed business and essential travels to these countries. I travelled to China (or out of the country for that matter) for the first time (in Nov) since my last trip to Tokyo in Mar.

Bedroom for my quarantine

There’s restrictions and rules applied to the travels, including a quarantine in China. The ability to travel after a hiatus of 8 months was worth the 14 days quarantine.

Family Matters

Princess said to me one day (just before my resumed travels) that she really enjoyed the 8 months I was stuck at home with nowhere to go. It all came crashing down to me – nothing else really matters.

Coming together at the table

Why do we took so much precautions to prevent ourselves from getting the virus? Because we want to be there when the kids grow up, we want to face whatever comes tomorrow with the family together.

A Better Tomorrow

I maintained this blog because it contained many fond memories of the meals I shared with my love ones and the important ones. Many of these interactions that built the relationships happened around the dining table. I hope in 2021, I get to build many more of these memories.

We can only hope 2021, everything gets better. Happy New Year everyone.

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