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What’s better than flying business class, First? No, it’s getting upgraded for free, instead of paying for it.

When you first boarded Club World flights for British Airways, you will be surprised to find some seats facing backwards. The 2-4-2 layout of the A350 means only the lucky passengers who get a window seat at least have some privacy. Strangely, windows seats face backward and aisle seats face forward.

However most passengers in window seats, as well as the ones in the middle seats, need to climb over someone else along the aisle (who may have reclined their seat into the lie-flat position). The only advantage for those couples in the middle seats, the lay-flat seats make it like you are sleeping next to each other. Mile high club? Not really, as there’s absolutely no privacy whatsoever in the cabin.

As you settled down into the flight, the friendly cabin staff started to bring the usual drinks and nuts for you to enjoy with the inflight entertainment. The system has seen better days. Unlike SQ who is quick replenish the glasses, BA staff only offered a refill when they were clearing the empty glasses.

I ordered the pan-fried tenderloin of Australian beef, cepe mushroom risotto, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary and port wine sauce as my main course and immediately regretted it. I could not cut through the piece of leather. The air steward was sharp and noticed I didn’t touch the main and quickly offered another choice. Unfortunately, only the Indian was left. But it was a delicious butter chicken with basmati rice. And the dessert, though pathetically small portion, was a delicious kaya pandan mousse cake.

Economy product

On the way back, I wasn’t so lucky and got back to the economy seat. Harsh reality.

Overall the food choices and quality for BA Club World were dismal. Noticed that I mentioned the cabin staff was friendly even though I wasn’t impressed with the product? Yes, the BA staff has character and genuinely friendly bunch if you treat them with respect and courtesy. Unlike the SOP service of SQ.

Flight taken Nov 2018, SIN-SYD red eye.

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