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An Earlier Visit to Mr Wong’s

As we approached the new normal, I am already running out of flashback to years gone by when we can just travel around the world and enjoy the cuisine. Here’s a memorable visit to Mr Wong’s many years ago.

Mr Wong’s is a very popular Chinese restaurant in Sydney, with a loyal following among the local community. It is part of the Merivale’s group of very good restaurants. Merivale has singlehandedly rejuvenated the back lanes of Sydney like what the Melbournites have done. This was a typical weekday dinner crowd, and it was not even late.

Chinese Roast Duck waiting in line

As you are ushered into the restaurant, you will walk past their line of ducks waiting to be roasted. The local critics have given high praises for their Chinese Roast Duck, which is also served like Peking duck if you like.

The Fried Rice line

Another signature dish is Mr Wong’s Special Fried Rice. As you work past the open kitchen, you can see the ingredients for the fried rice placed like any Asian kitchen. To our friends in the West, this may be a spectacular sight. But to us, this is just what a typical Chinese kitchen looks like. The line chef will spend years picking up the ingredients for the portions of fried rice, even before he or she has the first chance to fry a plate of rice.

King crab fried rice “typhoon shelter style” with garlic and chilli

But this time, I did not order their signature. Instead I opted for the King crab fried rice “typhoon shelter style” with garlic and chilli. The same fried rice with a variation using shredded king crab meat and topped with the fiery garlic sprinkles that one would find in “typhoon-style” fried crab.

King prawn wontons in supreme broth

And when you are dining alone, it’s difficult to order more when the fried rice can feed two or more pax. But you need some liquid to wash down the dry rice. So a wonton soup was in order.

Huge wonton

The single serve has 6 of these huge wontons, each wrapped inside a whole tiger prawn. The broth was not that “supreme”, just a stock with added MSG.

Over the years, the food has not changed and we are getting quite bored about the offering. Hoping for an update after the lockdown is over.

Mr Wong’s
3 Bridge Lane, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia
Tel : +61 2 9114 7317

Date Visited : Mar 2016

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