Tongli: #4/5 Night and Day 同里日不落

Once the sun sets, the sleepy turned into a bright display of neons and LED. The night and day of Tongli are completely different.

Sleepy Town

Old man fishing by the canal

There are people living in the town, actual residents that have stayed there for generations. Some entrepreneurial ones have converted part of their houses into bed and breakfast for tourists. Most just rented out their premises and stayed in one corner of their properties.

One of the bars along the canal

Most of these are eateries and pubs that cater to the tourists and with the pandemic, they were all affected by the sudden drop in tourist arrivals. The positive side? They reverted to the quiet, tranquil atmosphere of the water town used to be.

Night Life

The same bar in its splendour

When the night falls, the lights came on. These were part of the investment by the township to make it one of the most attractive tourist destination in China. Who want to see old, dilapidated buildings and sleepy townsfolk when they go on a trip. While the Chinese tourists like to see the history and culture being preserved they expect the modern comfort and convenience everywhere they go.

The Three Bridges at Night

All 39 bridges in the township are adorned with beautiful LED lights and they come on when the sun goes down, depending on the season. The entrance fee is waived after 6pm, so you get to see these beautiful lights for free.

Everything becomes peaceful when the night falls because all commercial activities closed and the tourists retreated to their hotels or restaurants. I love to walk around during this time because there’s no crowd and every shot is beautiful.

24 hours convenience

While the KFC convenience store is real, the Lawson is a local knock-off. Besides the convenience stores, there are many supper eateries around the Tongli town outside the ancient town. However with the pandemic, the nightlife was pretty tamed and limited.

The fish went into hiding with the lights on

I don’t think the old man would come out to fish in the evening when this place is packed with tourist and merry seekers. But now, everyone longed for their return.

I recommend that you spend a night in Tongli to enjoy the wonderful sights at night. And if possible, stay in a local bed and breakfast like I did 16 years ago.

This is Part 4 of a Five-Part Special on Tongli

Date Visited : Nov 2020

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