Xinle Noodles 心乐 @ Shanghai

I have been eating Suzhou noodles 奥灶面 because of the variety and availability. There are so many choices in Shanghai. So I can try almost a different shop everyday.

Today, I came to this small shop Xinle Noodles 心樂面館 in Dayue City next to my hotel. It’s just like the one I went to in Tongli, all the choices for toppings and special for the day were all displayed on the board behind the counter. You order, pay for the order and then get a buzzer to be notified when the order is ready. Normally, you would have to collect from the service counter, but I went way past normal lunch time, so they just waved for me to go take a seat.

炒腰花 Sautéed pig kidney

Looked promising, but the sautéed pig kidney was really salty. Perhaps it was supposed to be a topping, so I waited for my noodles.

炒鸡毛菜 Sautéed baby Shanghai green

That’s a lot of vegetable for a single order.

蟹粉黄鱼面 Noodle with crab meat and yellow croaker

I ordered noodle with crab meat and yellow croaker.

Salt overload

I could not finish the noodles. Not that the portion was too big, but the crab meat and yellow croaker were very “fishy”. And it was so salty, I could not put the kidney on top as well.

Not coming back any time soon, not even their other branches.

Xinle Noodles 心樂面館 (大悦城)

Date Visited : Jul 2021

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