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The Best 客官 @ Shanghai

The signboard says unabashedly “The Best”, so I stopped my search for dinner and walked in for a quick and simple meal.

Coming back to Shanghai after 6 months, I was amazed by the number of new F&B establishments opened after the wave of closures due to pandemic. And many of these were clean, bright and hygienic eateries with a reasonable price. The same can be said about The Best Tastes of Jiangnan. It could be described as Chachaanteng type eatery, with a menu printed on two sides of an A4 paper. The decor and tableware all the way to the waiters are all part of that experience.

干烧花椰菜 Cauliflower casserole with pepper and salted pork

干烧花椰菜 Cauliflower casserole with pepper and salted pork

This dish originated from Hunan, but it gained popularity everywhere. This was the only vegetable dish in the menu that would be good for one diner. The rest are all for at least two pax.

干煎带鱼 Pan fried ribbonfish

干煎带鱼 Pan fried ribbonfish

Ribbonfish is one of my favourite dish. Mom’s version was the best. This would be a close second after the one that was served in the canteen in my Shanghai office many years ago.

开阳拌面 Shanghai noodles with scallion oil and dried shrimp

开阳拌面 Shanghai noodles with scallion oil and dried shrimp

A classic Shanghai dish and deceptively complicated to make well. The soy sauce and oil used are specially made for this dish. Many would use clarified lard. But the trick is how scallions are fried in the oil. Then a scoop of scallion oil, a scoop of the special soy sauce.

Kaiyang is dried shrimp in Shanghainese

开阳 “Kaiyang” refers to the dried shrimp and is only used in around Jiangzhe area. And seldom did they use such large dried shrimp for the dry noodles.

It was overall a simple and good dinner. There were many other dishes on the menu, will try when I get a chance.

The Best | Taste of Jiangnan 客官 江南味道 (长风大悦城店)

Date Visited : Jul 2021

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