Farewell to 2022

Last day to another year of dining and travelling. Thank goodness some normalcy have returned this year.

I managed to eat out a lot more this year and travelled to more cities (including some that I have never been before). This makes the annual top 10 list for SIngapore harder to decide as I was hardly home.

The Top 10 this year were based on good tasting food not price nor service nor value. Some were really expensive, like the #1 and #8 on the list. Some service were not fantastic, but that was not why they were included. Only the food quality and taste matter in this list.

Top 10 Eats for 2022 (Singapore)

So here we go!

10/ ABC Nasi Kandar – Hari Raya (Geyland Serai)

Usually it was nothing of a spread, but since it was Hard Raya celebrations, ABC had decked out all the wonderful selections for this Nasi Kandar. It was the best Nasi Kandar that I had outside of KL.

Nasi Kandar – originated from Penang, but delicious anywhere

ABC Nasi Kandar
44 Changi Rd, Singapore 419703

Visited Apr 2022

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