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Kaizen Yatai Okuman @ Tokyo

Landed late into Tokyo Haneda, the first thing I wanted to do after checking in the hotel was to go to an izakaya for some bites and a night cap. Luckily there’s still one opened opposite my hotel in Shinagawa at 1am.

海鮮屋台おくまん Kaizen Yatai Okuman is located at the basement of an office building just next to JR Shinagawa station towards The Prince Hotel exit. It is open until 2am and was the only restaurant opened when I was there recently. The usual places that I was familiar with were all gone – the building was even demolished. I placed my orders in my broken Japanese and relaxed with my highball.

おくまん盛り 5種 Okuman platter 5 types

おくまん盛り 5種 Okuman platter 5 types

A popular sashimi platter featuring fresh local fish caught in fishing ports around Japan. It included bluefin tuna, which is the pride of Okuman which is prepared to be in the red for serving such an expensive fish for so low a price.

おでん3種盛り Dden 3 types

おでん3種盛り oden 3 types

I love oden, and especially the stewed radish that comes with it. This evening they were out of radish and I got a piece each of 厚揚げ fried tofu, こんにゃく konjac and ちくわ chikuwa.

さば塩焼き Salt-grilled mackerel

Sign of a good grill

The grill burst into flames while preparing my next dish, a good sign of things to come.

さば塩焼き salt-grilled mackerel

Another favourite of mine, the さば塩焼き salt-grilled mackerel was made from frozen mackerel. It was grilled perfectly but the fish was not that fantastic. But it was less than SGD 5 and at 1 am I am not complaining.

焼きそば fried noodles

焼きそば fried noodles

Yakisoba or Japanese fried noodle is a noodle stir-fried dish. Usually, soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, but the noodles used in yakisoba are Chinese noodles made from wheat flour, typically flavoured with a condiment similar to Worcestershire sauce. The dish first appeared in food stalls in Japan around the 1930s. The taste has become quite standard because everyone used the same sauce.

It was almost empty at 1am

The food was OK, not outstanding but not subpar. The sashimi was really fresh and price was extremely reasonable (what they call 大衆価格). The service was prompt and as I was sitting at the counter. Not a recommended detour stop but I was just thankful that I can still get a cold meal in the cold autumn night at such ungodly hours.

Kaisen Yatai Okuman Shinagawa 海鮮屋台おくまん 品川店
3-25-29 Maekawa Building B1, Takanawa, Minato 408-0074 Tokyo Prefecture
〒408-0074 東京都港区高輪3-25-29 前川ビルB1F
Tel : +81 50-5797-3683

Visited Nov 2022

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