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Gastronomic Journey Across Thailand

Right in the middle of Bangkok’s skyscrapers is a quaint Thai restaurant for people who love intense (read: spicy) Thai food. Thai Ni Yom use the best premuim ingredients to make the best tasting Thai dishes from North to South.

Thai Ni Yom (translated to “Thai Welcome”) got its start serving family recipes, but now offers an array of Thai cuisine from Chiang Mai to Hat Yai. It is a great place to sample delicious Thai cooking from every region on the same table. Quality ingredients are sourced locally and turned into dishes like the recommended Phuket stir-fried pork belly with shrimp paste and the sai-oua sausage from Chiang Mai.

Restaurateur Kasama “Oh” Laopanich, who also co-runs popular Mexican eatery La Monita Taqueria alongside her husband Billy Bautista, launched her passion project Thai Niyom Cuisine in 2019. So do not be surprised to see the serving staff from La Monita in their uniform helping out during the busy meal service hours.

Each ingredient is selected from the best source from all over Thailand, such as garlic from Sisaket province, shrimp paste from Klongkhone or dry chilli from Sakon Nakhon province, etc. to make their own in-house curry paste. For those attention to details and a generally wallet-friendly price, Michelin has given them the Bib Gourmand nod since 2019.

The Dinner

  1. Pad Kaey Khem สามชั้นผัดเคยเค็ม
  2. Gang Luang Pla Graphong แกงเหลืองปลากระพง
  3. Sai-Oua Sausage ไส้อั่วสูตรไทยนิยม
  4. Koh Mooyang คอหมูย่าง
  5. Khaijew Foo Boo ไข่เจียวฟูๆ ปูแน่นๆ
  6. Pad Kanah ผัดคะน้าปลากุเลาเค็ม
ข้าวสวย Steamed Jasmine Rice

It came in a bowl but turned out to be a ball. I highly recommend that you order a “ball” of steamed jasmine rice to neutralise the heat that you are going to experience.

Pad Kaey Khem สามชั้นผัดเคยเค็ม

Pad Kaey Khem สามชั้นผัดเคยเค็ม

A favourite from Phuket, pad kaey khem used local shrimp paste stir fried with sliced pork belly, chopped lemongrass, shallots and kaffer lime leaves. The flavour was very intense, heavily salted from the shrimp paste and balanced with the sourness of the lime. But sourness reduced the greasiness of the pork, and the spices balanced the saltiness. This dish practically destroyed half of my portion of steamed rice.

Gang Luang Pla Graphong แกงเหลืองปลากระพง

Gang Luang Pla Graphong แกงเหลืองปลากระพง

Another dish that has intense flavours from two sources – the sour tamarind and turmeric curry and the pickled bamboo shoot. This Southern style spicy and sour yellow-orange curry with Andaman sea bass was more like an assam curry than your typical Thai curry with coconut milk.

This sour fish curry is usually made with green papaya, but the flavour profile intensified with the use of pickled bamboo shoot. If you is not familiar with bamboo shoot, the pickled version would smell rancid to you. An acquired taste.

Sai-Oua Sausage ไส้อั่วสูตรไทยนิยม

Sai-Oua Sausage ไส้อั่วสูตรไทยนิยม

You do not need to worry what they filled this sausage with. An intense and juicy Thai Niyom original – prepared with love and care from hand-ground pork meat marinated with in-house Thai curry and chilli paste, stuffed into fresh hog casings and grilled over wood fire. Delicious starters.

Koh Mooyang คอหมูย่าง

Koh Mooyang คอหมูย่าง

Every Thai restaurant around the world sells this dish – grilled pork neck served a with spicy sauce. The pork neck was nicely marinated with a secret mix of Thai spices to give it that exotic taste. Rather lean piece of pork neck, it was over grilled IMHO that it turned slightly drier than expected.

Khaijew Foo Boo ไข่เจียวฟูๆ ปูแน่นๆ

Khaijew Foo Boo ไข่เจียวฟูๆ ปูแน่นๆ

Another Michelin restaurant made this dish famous, but this is totally different version. Every Thai mother knows how to make khaijew foo (crispy Thai omelette), which was loaded with crab meat on top. Next time, just order the omelette, the crab was useless for any enhancement to the flavours.

Pad Kanah ผัดคะน้าปลากุเลาเค็ม

Stir fried Chinese kale with garlic and chilli with salted kulau fish from Mae Klong. Kulao dried salted fish is salty (of course) and has an oily taste. It is flaky and perfect for use in a sautéed vegetable dish. Although it was labeled as Chinese kale, but we called them Thai kailan in Singapore. It always tastes better at source.


This is seriously the best non-street food spot in the area. While naysayers say there are cheaper places to go for the same quality, it has an insane variety of dishes, all freshly made, very spicy and at a reasonable price for the mainly tourist crowd. Sometime we are just looking for something predictable and cleaner and Thai Niyom offers in spades.

You really just need to know two things about the menu here. First, nobody asks how spicy you want it. They serve it the way they serve it, which usually means very spicy. Second, no matter what else you order, get the sai oua sausage. Theirs is as good as you’ll ever find.

The restaurant is located at a shop lot at the side of the plaza. So you need to walk around the building along the sides to get to the restart. Just look out for the shiny mosaic signboard in the front, right next to La Monita.

Thai Niyom Cuisine ไทยนิยม
888/28-29 Mahatun Plaza, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel : +66 2 044 1010

Visited Apr 2023

Michelin Bangkok Guide Bib Gourmand 2019-2023

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