Walk in Train Night Market

There are many night markets in Bangkok. Most are tourist traps, but then there are some that stayed authentic for locals and foreigners alike. Train Night Market Ratchada is one of them.

Called Talad Rot Fai Ratchada in Thai, the Train Night Market Ratchada is smaller than the original one in Srinakari (behind Seacon Square), but this new night market boasts a similar retro and vintage atmosphere and is much more accessible than the original. The market offers antiques, second-hand toys and various retro accessories, as well as more general market type clothes, bags, shoes and electronics. Plenty of street food stalls and a row of bars can be found at Talad Rot Fai Ratchada.

Here’s a really good (and recent) write-up of the train markets of Bangkok, a truly unique experience.

BTW, there’s no more bargaining at these night markets. The prices are so competitive, leave some margins for the poor stall keepers please.

Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market
Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khwaeng Din Daeng, Khet Din Daeng, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand

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