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From the top level of MBS to the ground level, Chef Justin has brought his haute cuisine favourites down to earth. Not that it’s now more price friendly.

While Sky on 57 was Asian-Franco, JUSTin Flavours of Asia was just local Singaporean cuisine made into a gourmet experience. I brought my sister for meal to celebrate her birthday in advance. Wanted to order Chef Justin signature dishes like foie gras xiaolongbao, kong bah bao, deep fried chilli crab bun, they were all sold-out due to a busy Saturday service.  What a disappointment, they should have anticipated the amount to prepare.

First up, freshly shucked Les Huitres Cadoret oysters N.4 with ponzu sauce. Cadaoret oysters are very high quality farmed oysters from France. When they are mature, these 4 year old oysters are then transferred from the nursery to the oysters to be subjected to the magic of the flow and the ebb in brackish waters softened by the river for several months. These oysters get finer and develop more subtle taste. They are firm and crunchy which become velvety when in the mouth, with a hint of hazelnut and great umami. The ponzu was a great condiment versus the usual lemon.

Scallop and sea urchin hargow

Scallop and sea urchin hargow was underwhelming. My sister thought the filling was just some supermarket filling that was used here.

Chef Justin’s signature mushroom cappuccino

Chef Justin’s signature mushroom cappuccino was again disappointing. There was a bitterness in the soup that could only be from burnt ingredients. How could they get his signature dish wrong?

Singapore live prawn laksa

Singapore live prawn laksa was nothing to shout about. The prawn was butterflied (split into two) so I don’t know what live prawn they were referring to.

Chef Justin’s signature wok fried live Maine lobster Hokkien noodle

Chef Justin’s signature wok fried live Maine lobster Hokkien noodle was supposed to be what I wanted to impress my sister with. Instead, I was totally disappointed by the standard of the Hokkien noodle. It had that metallic lobster taste that could only come from improperly cleaned lobster, i.e. the blood and body liquid of the lobster were not properly cleaned. Definitely not the French standard that used to be at Sky at 57.

Charcoal-grilled NZ lamb leg satay

Charcoal-grilled NZ lamb leg satay was a saving grace. The chunks of well marinated lamb legs were grilled to perfection, the lamb was a mixture of fats and lean meat, like th pork satay that we liked from City Satay, and the sauce was competent enough.

Goreng pisang “split”

Goreng pisang “split”, crispy banana fritter, salted gula Java ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce, caramelised crispy rice. was the best dish for the lunch a la carte orders we made. The goreng pisang (banana fritter) was dusted with icing sugar and it was a great touch. Now I wanted to dust my banana fritter all the time. The surprise was the gula Java ice-cream. The salty, caramel of gula Java was fantastic as an ice-cream flavour. Would come back just for this dessert.

I think they tried, but the quality control was not there. Many items were not available and this is not forgivable for a bistro at this cut-throat location. I guess I would not be visiting it very soon. It has put me off going to Chinoiserie as well.

JUSTin Flavours of Asia
L1-83, Bay Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel : +65 6688 7722

Date visited : Mar 2019

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