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South Memory 望湘园 @ Shanghai

Hunanese cuisine is all about the heat. Once in a while, I would crave for it. There’s a good chain restaurant that would hit the spot at a really reasonable price.

1/ 酸辣蕨根粉 Hot and sour fern root noodles


Hot and sour fern root noodles was a simple appetiser that was refreshing and lifted the appetite.

2/ 农家小炒肉 Farmer’s sautéed pork


Farmer’s sautéed pork was alright, great with rice, too salty to eat it on its own.

3/ 湘味黄焖羊肉锅 Hunanese stewed mutton in casserole


Hunanese stewed mutton in casserole was my favourite for the evening. I love mutton, and the best time to eat it is autumn and winter as it is a “heaty” meat. In fact, I was told that mutton (not lamb though) was a better red meat compared to pork and beef.

They have done a good job with the potato and stew. I could eat another bowl of rice with the sauce. The mutton could do a bit more stewing, they were not fork tender yet.

4/ 老坛酸菜鱼 Sauerkraut fish


Their sauerkraut fish was ok, but the fish was not as fresh as 太二. And the soup was not as flavourful and only a simple sour and hot. But it will do on a cold winter night.

5/ 灭火器老酸奶 | 薄荷桂花乌梅汁

灭火器老酸奶 | 薄荷桂花乌梅汁

“Fire extinguisher” yoghurt, peppermint osmanthus plum juice. We ordered these to kill the heat and spiciness from the fish and other dishes. I find the plum juice a bit too sweet, but the yoghurt was quite good. Not sure if it did the trick to lower the heat.

The decor of the place was nothing to shout about, given that many of their competition have up the ante with extravagant decors. But all those savings have translated to a reasonable price in relative clean and comfortable environment. Service was so-so.

South Memory 望湘园
Tel ; 021-33727097

Date Visited : Jan 2019

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