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HaiShangLao 海上撈 @ Shenzhen

The cheapest restaurants to operate – hotpot, BBQ and steam seafood. And the seafood genre has been also know as the “No Chef” restaurant.

L2M-CN-HAILAO-2The concept is very simple – take fresh, live seafood. Clean them and minimal preparation (add garlic, vermicelli and herbs). Present and steam in special built-in steamer at the table.

There’s plenty of live seafood to choose from.

And after steaming for different duration of time, they came out perfect. Most of the seafood were sweet and filled with umami. You don’t really need any condiments.

This particular restaurant in Shenzhen Baoan district served very fresh seafood. A bit out of the way if you are staying in Futian (it’s around 40 min away by taxi), but it is currently one of the better steam seafood in Shenzhen.

Tel : 755 8220 8383

Date Visited : Apr 2019

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