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Colonial Club @ Changi T3

Coming home from a long trip, I was craving for something local. The family came to fetch me at the airport and we ate at the Terminal. Colonial Club offers local favourites from different parts of Singapore, Penang and Malacca, and located right at the departure hall of T3.

The menu at Colonial Club is quite huge catering for both tourist and local. This is a great place for tourist to get a bite of our local delicacies before leaving Singapore.

Straits nyonya laksa

That bowl of fragrant Straits nyonya laksa consists of a spicy and rich coconut broth with rice vermicelli, cucumber, egg, fish, tofu and prawns. To make this dish, the chefs travelled to Malacca and picked the brains of the local chefs working in famous eateries.

Signature nasi lemak tower

Signature nasi lemak tower stacked nicely like a burger, consists of fragrant blue pea rice, short rib rendang, otak otak, achar, sambal, cucumber and fried egg. The otak otak was thicker than the usual slice, and it was really spicy.

Signature fried kway teow

This is a Halal restaurant so the Signature fried kway teow does not have lard. So there’s a bit off the flavours I was used to, but it is still a nice plate of CKT.

Did I say they are Halal? So the mojito is non-alcoholic. And the ice aiyu jelly tasted just like those I had when I was much younger at Bedok Bus Interchange, except that the price is 10x more expensive.

The service is great, the food is good, this would make a good choice for local cuisine at the airport.

Colonial Club
Changi Airport Terminal 3, Departure Hall,
#03-33, 65 Airport Boulevard,
Singapore 819663
Tel : +65-6214-0268

Date Visited : Oct 2019

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  1. I’ve passed by this several times without entering. Think I’ll finally go in and check out that Nasi Lemak tower. Thanks for sharing your pics!

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