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Wako 和幸 @ Yokohama

I didn’t have much chance to eat tonkatsu in Japan because it was thought to be fast food and my colleagues and business partners would not bring me there. So when I had 30 min to spare and did not have much time for lunch, it’s tonkatsu then.

Tonkatsu,” or pork cutlet in English, is a popular dish whose origins began in western restaurants in the Meiji Era more than 100 years ago. The popular cooking style of the time was to broil the meat with lard or butter (like pork chop). Over time this changed to a deep-frying style similar to that of tempura, although it should not be confused with tempura (which is effectively “steaming” food using rapid evaporation of water/moisture in the ingredients using high temperature oil).


Wako’s tonkatsu sauce (in the green pot on the right) is an original sauce made from ingredients such as tomatoes, apples, onions and several kinds of spices. Wako’s salad dressing (in the glass bottle on the left) is also an original non-oil dressing made from home-grown yuzu (citrus grapefruit).

Lunch Sets

All lunch sets come with unlimited serving of rice, shredded cabbage and miso soup. Wako serves shijimi-jiru (miso soup with freshwater clams) with every set order and uses an original blended miso with a light and sweet flavour.

W和幸御飯 W Wako Set

W Wako Gohan

This is the deluxe version of their signature Wako Gohan set. Instead of one piece of their crispy, delicious deep fried pork fillet cutlet, you get two!

ききょう Kikyo (Today)


Bite-size pork fillet cutlet, fried shrimp, ground beef cutlet with cheese. The ground beef cutlet is almost like a cheese burger patty.

たちばな Tachibana

Tachibana and Kaki

Bite-size pork fillet cutlet, fried shrimp, chicken fillet cutlet with green shiso leaves.


We ordered a side of deep fried Hiroshima oysters かきフライ kaki furai.  Satisfying, juicy and full of umami.  Full of nutrition they called the oyster “sea milk” 『海のミルク』.

Pork fillet cutlet

An essential ingredient as important as pork to tonkatsu is koromo (breadcrumb coating). By coating pork with their own breadcrumbs exclusively based on Wako’s original recipe, heat is very gradually transferred to the center of the meat sealing in juices making for a light and tender cutlet.

Wako Tonkatsu (Porta Yokohama) 和幸 ポルタ 横浜店
Higashiguchi PORTA B1, 2-16 Takashima, Nishi-ku,
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 220-0011 Japan
Tel : 045-453-6408

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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