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Junisoh 十二颯 @ Tokyo

Junisoh serves a variety of Japanese cuisine in a single location. There’s a sushi bar and kaiseki-style dining, but it was the teppanyaki that we came here for.

Teppanyaki grill

Teppanyaki is a post–World War II style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan, which is the metal plate on which it is cooked, and yaki, which means grilled, broiled, or pan-fried.

Cooking right in front of you

Teppanyaki is fine dining in Japan before the Taiwanese took it to the food courts. But here at Junisoh, it’s still a work of art to see the chefs work in front of you.

鉄板焼 – 笛 Teppanyaki FUE

The cheapest lunch set started at ¥5,000. But I wanted to try the garlic rice (which is an additional ¥1,200 upgrade) and beef (another upgrade), so it made more sense to choose the Fue set at ¥8,000. A bit indulgent for lunch.

お通し Amuse bouche

お通し Amuse bouche

Amuse bouche is wagyu potato cake. Like a frittata made with layered potato and minced wagyu beef.

きのこと旬魚のソテー Sautéed fish and mushrooms


Grilled scallop, miso and herb butter sauce

帆立貝の鉄板焼 Grilled scallop, miso and herb butter sauce

The sauce was exquisite – sweet miso made rich and buttery but a bit salty. The spinach went very well with the perfectly seared Hokkaido scallop.

きのこと旬魚のソテー 和風館をかけて

Sautéed fish and mushrooms

きのこと旬魚のソテー Sautéed fish and mushrooms

Sautéed fish and mushrooms. Served with daylily and dried whitebait.

きのこと旬魚のソテー 和風館をかけて

What was really surprising good was the crispy sakura shrimps used to add crunch and umami.

ガーデンサラダ Garden salad

ガーデンサラダ Garden salad

Garden salad made with mesclun, heirloom cherry tomatoes and sprouts.

黒毛和牛サーロイン Wagyu sirloin (100g)

The beef was then parading before the cooking. Just admire the A4 marbling on the sirloin. And the fats that will be turned into cracklings for the fried rice and bean sprouts.

You can also choose an upgrade on the wagyu sirloin to the uber lux 特選黒毛和牛A4フィレ Wagyu Rank A4 fillet for an extra USD 30. While the filet is more tender, the sirloin has a better marbling profile that is suitable for teppanyaki.

黒毛和牛サーロイン Wagyu sirloin (100g)

黒毛和牛サーロイン Wagyu sirloin (100g)

Medium rare wagyu served with a garlic teriyaki, a daikon ponzu and a miso yamawasabi sauce.

焼野菜 Grilled vegetables

焼野菜 Grilled vegetables

Fried towgay with beef crackling. I wondered why such exquisite ingredients were always paired with the humblest of all vegetables, the beansprouts. But this is one of the best towkay you would ever find.


Garlic rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles

ガーリックライス、味噌汁、香の物 Garlic rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles

The garlic rice was unlike Singapore versions with eggs and deep fried garlic. It’s more like the Yangzhou fried rice without ingredients. Came with the standard pairing of miso soup and Japanese pickles.

デザート Dessert

デザート Dessert

Dessert – so full that I skipped this chocolate mousse cake.

Service is really good here, most of the waiting staff speaks English. Even the teppan chefs speak English, so you would not be eating and guessing what they are.

Junisoh 十二颯
6 Chome-6-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan (inside Hilton Tokyo)
Tel : +81 3-3344-5111

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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