ChaoShangPin Teochew 潮尚品私房菜 @ Shenzhen

I never thought I would blacklist a shop that serves decent Teochew cuisine, but I just did.

The first impression was already bad. The place has huge public hall but no customer.

生腌螃蟹 marinated raw crab

生腌螃蟹 marinated raw crab

The raw crab was done quite well. Thought the dinner could be not bad.

蒸午鱼 steamed thread fin

蒸午鱼 steamed thread fin

They were trying to upsell me whole grouper, but we were not in the mood to splurge for simple dinner. In the end, we have to settle for two slices of thread fin. Horribly executed.

虾枣 肉果 shrimp date fish cake

虾枣 肉果 shrimp date fish cake

This was quite good, but it was charged based on number of pieces!

炒三鲜 stir fry vegetable

炒三鲜 stir fry vegetable

Simple dish, but ¥48 for this?

蚝烙 oyster omelete

蚝烙 oyster omelete

The portion was really pathetic, although the taste was not bad.

炒面线 fried rice noodles

炒面线 fried rice noodles

The fried rice noodles was again not bad, but really expensive. The whole dinner was close to ¥500.

The service was bad, the waitress was not well trained. The boss was smoking in the hall even though Shenzhen has banned smoking indoors. I would never come again.

ChaoShangPin Teochew 潮尚品私房菜

Date Visited : Oct 2019

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