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The Soup Spoon Union @ City Hall

The Soup Spoon Union is a combination of four brands under one roof. These include a soup kitchen, a grill tuck shop, a hamburger stand and a salad bar.

The Soup Spoon

If you want to understand a culture, taste its soup. There isn’t a country in the world that doesn’t have its own version of this timeless dish. Each one is unique, an expression of the culture that inspired it and the home cooking that created it.

Soup. It makes us feel warm inside. Happy, safe, comforted, and at home. It doesn’t matter whether that home is in Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok or Bhutan. Soup makes us feel at home, even when we’re not. The feeling it gives us is universal.

Velvety mushroom stroganoff

Velvety mushroom stroganoff

A soup overpowering with aroma of mushrooms, it’s perfect for mushroom lovers. Given a twist with beef stroganoff incorporated into the usually vegetarian soup, this variation gave the soup a very hearty filling finish.

The Grill Knife

A grill tuck shop providing wholesome grilled meats, it reminds you of that friendly Western store in your school canteen. Simple grilled items but always satisfying.

The All-Day Breakfast

The All-Day Breakfast

Just like the typical English full breakfast, it comes with scrambled eggs on toast, two bangers, roasted mushrooms and lettuce with a side of baked beans and a meat gravy. Available the whole day, breakfast for champions.

The Handburger

Typical burgers today provide temporary taste satisfaction but contain zero nutritional value. Fortunately, the Handburger presents the best of both worlds: irresistible flavour and high dietary sustenance.

THB Original

THB Original

100% grilled grass-fed beef patty, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, honey mustard aioli with butterhead lettuce on a toasted whole wheat brioche bun

THB Original

Hand crafted, you can taste every bit of minced beef and the beautifully caramelised onions and melted swiss cheese.

The Soup Spoon Union
252 North Bridge Rd, #B1-61/62 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Tel : 6334 3220


Date Visited :  Apr 2016

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