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Kim Choo Kueh Chang @ Joo Chiat

I wrote about the tale of two “Kim Choo” and how the other Kim Choo came about. Here’s the real thing – Kim Choo Kueh Chang, and to be fair, I ordered delivery too.

The difference is almost immediate when the bak changs were delivered. Their packaging comes with their Peranakan heritage.

Beautiful packaging – immediate warms the heart

When this was delivered, the bak changs were still warm. Warning though, warm bak changs should be consumed quickly, or you should cool them to room temperature and store in the freezer if you are not consuming them soon, or the fridge if you intend to reheat them at a nearby timeframe. In our tropical climate, they can turn bad quite quickly.

Nice design, very Peranakan

All their bak changs come in several flavours – signature salty bak chang (or what we called Hokkien style) with mushrooms, sliced pork, salted egg yolk, signature Nyonya bak chang wrapped in pandan leaf and sweet in taste, the new XO bak change with upgraded ingredients like dried scallops and mussel, and spicy bak change to cater to the changing tastes.

Signature mini bak changs

Also I ordered their signature mini bak changs, which are the same flavours but smaller.

The original meets the mini me

You can come compare the sizes of these bak changs. Each original is about 3x bigger than the mini ones in volume. So if you are a big eater, only the original ones can satisfy your appetite. If not, you are just eating more glutinous rice for each mini one to fill you up.

A mini XO and a original Nyonya

I couldn’t wait and reheat a mini XO (never tried that before) and the original Nyonya.

Generous amount of filling

The familiar taste of Kim Choo comes back to me immediately. The sweet meat filling in the Nyonya chang, the fragrance of the pandan leaf and the quality glutinous rice used can only say so much of their insistence on quality over profit. Don’t get me wrong, they are still quite expensive compared to other bak changs in the market, but the premium is justified with the taste and quality.

The XO minis were quite good, and the family enjoyed them so much all 10 in one box are finished in record time.

One and only Kim Choo

So, don’t waste time with imitations, order from the one and only Kim Choo Kueh Changs.

Kim Choo Kueh Chang
Factory – 60 Joo Chiat Place
Shop – 109 East Coast Road
Tel : 6741 2125

Date Delivered : Aug 2020

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