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Moon Moon 双月食品社 @ Taipei

This has been an institution in Taipei, providing “post maternal term” 坐月子 food that Chinese mothers believe help them to recover after giving birth.

The family feel is obvious in this shop serving healthy home-style cooking. This restaurant has recently (2018) received a Michelin Bib Gourmand award, the first time Taiwan has been included in the list.

The menu is quite simple and they don’t do many items. The main ones are savoury rice, herbal medicine soup, and different kinds of braised meat and tofu which are very popular all over Taiwan.

蛤蜊燉雞湯 Stewed Chicken Soup with Clam

蛤蜊燉雞湯 Stewed Chicken Soup with Clam

Yes, it is served with the ingredients stacked on a spoon. Their signature chicken soup is made daily with freshly slaughtered free-range chicken; the stock is simmered for hours and extra chicken is added at the end to keep it juicy and tender.

The soup is then boiled with all those clams that give you the sweet umami and the satisfying flavours of chicken soup. This has been their best seller for years.

中藥滷味 Chinese Herbal Braised Snacks

中藥滷味 Chinese Herbal Braised Snacks

What is different with their braised snacks is that they are braised using traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. While you get the five spice and soy sauce flavours with the night market variety, you get an additional dimension of TCM herbs faintly in the background, mainly of liquorice and angelica. If you do not like TCM, then it’s a total turnoff. But I love it.

鮮蚵乾麵 Oil Tossed Noodles With Fresh Oysters

鮮蚵乾麵 Oil tossed noodles with fresh oysters

Taiwan is famous for its oysters. While they are not the export type that are served in oyster bars around the world, the Taiwanese oysters are small and sweet with a more intense flavour. The noodle is simply tossed in scallion oil with a dash of soy sauce and then topped with a generous scoop of lightly blanched oysters. Yummy.

The whole lunch came up to around SGD 15, not cheap considered that these are street food that you can get at the night market for far less. Plus, the place is so packed during lunch, it is almost impossible to get a seat without queueing. But for that price, you get really fresh oysters, a solid soup and tasty braised snacks – all quality that you will not find in a night market. No wonder even Michelin Taipei Guide recommended them.

Moon Moon Food 雙月食品社 青島店
No. 6-2號, Qingdao East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100
Tel : +886 2 3393 8953

Date Visited : Mar 2017

Michelin Taipei Guide Bib Gourmand 2018-19

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