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Taier Sauerkraut Fish 太二 @ Shenzhen

The craving for sauerkraut fish was great, and sauerkraut fish it is. Thank goodness there’s one near to where I was staying that has just opened.


The backstory to Taier Sauerkraut Fish was detailed in an earlier visit in 2018. It has since expanded to multiple locations around the country. This shop at Shixia was one of the latest to open since Covid.

We ordered a couple of starters while we waited eagerly for the sauerkraut fish. Besides their classic spicy chicken and century eggs in vinegar, there was a new starter on the menu – black truffle romaine lettuce. The truffle taste was not pronounced but it was a nice sesame sauce with lettuce.

Sauerkraut fish

Because of Covid lockdowns, the once “no delivery or takeaway” policy has been removed and you can order the famous sauerkraut fish to be delivered to your home. But nothing beats eating the signature dish, 老坛子酸菜鱼 Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, at their shop. The piping hot bowl of fish is served promptly after you order, and you can still see the bubbling oil on top. That scalding oil was what made the fish cooked a la minute and so tender.

Wuchang Rice

Wuchang rice 五常大米 from Heilongjiang Province is quite expensive, but packed with a flavour that’s stronger than average polished round-grained rice. This was genuine Wuchang rice, each rice grain was plump and tasty.

However, there were scandals involving people faking Wuchang rice by adding flavour essence to low-quality varietal of rice to drive profit. So look out when you buy them. BTW, they sell the uncooked rice in vacuum pack version in the shop.

Quiet Town

Surprising at meal time on a weekday, this place was not packed at all. But typically in a neighbourhood restaurant, the crowd only appear on the weekends. No reservations.

Tel : 4006092822

Date Visited : Nov 2020

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