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Huo Xi Hotpot 火璽 @ Shenzhen

What I am recommending is one of the best hotpot I have been to recently. And I was surprised to find in in Shenzhen.

Huo Xi serves a Chinese-style hotpot with Japanese level of service, i.e. you can pick the stock base (mainly Cantonese-style double boiled soup base) and the ingredients you want for the meal, and then a service staff will prepare it for you like a high-end wagyu sukiyaki/shabu-shabu restaurant.


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After you have placed the orders, the condiments are presented and you can either pick what you want, or get the waiter to help you make what would be a fantastic sauce to go with your food.

Step 1 : Choose a stock base

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花膠鸡汤底 fish maw chicken stock base – this was their best seller and signature hotpot base. Very rich and savoury, no MSG (I vouched for that, I didn’t wake up with a MSG throat the next day.) and lots of fish maw in the pot. Perfect for those who need collagen as you can feel the stickiness between your lips after drinking it.

Also available other HK style soup base and of course, Sichuan mala. The last will be a total waste of good ingredients.

Step 2 : Pick your favourite ingredients

澳洲雪花牛 Australian M8 wagyu

澳洲雪花牛 Australian M8 wagyu – imported and RMB188 only, the picture was the standard portion, enough for two persons.

海鲜拼盘 seafood platter

海鲜拼盘 seafood platter – comes with grouper, pacific clams, and two huge tiger prawn (all live seafood), again perfect for two persons.

蔬菜拼盘 vegetable platter

蔬菜拼盘 vegetable platter – it’s beef tomato that was used in this autumn platter.

Step 3 : Blanch

No need to do it yourself

After you are done with the fish maw and chicken soup, a waiter comes over and helps with the cooking.

Perfectly blanched grouper

Perfectly blanched grouper – 七上八下 seven times up eight time down in the boiling stock.

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Pacific clams were fresh as well

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I recommend you do the beef yourself because I find the waiter (most Chinese) likes medium doneness.

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They even deshell the prawn for you for a mess free dinner

Finishing with lots of greens

Finishing up with lots of greens.

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The standard of dining in Shenzhen has gone up a lot. Ingredients are good and the service impeccable.

Highly recommended.

Huo Xi Hotpot 火璽
Tel : 0755-88999941

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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