Simple Fare

Wildseed Café @ Seletar

Looking for a quiet place in the morning to meet a business associate for breakfast but both of us do not want to go downtown. Settle in the mid point from where we stayed.

Nestled at the ground level of The Summerhouse, a black-and-white in the Seletar cluster, is Wildseed Café – a floral café and patisserie where summer lingers through the scent-filled days. Wildseed Cafe offers freshly roasted coffee, delectable sandwiches, floral cakes, pastries, hearty weekend brunches and casual, all-day fare.

Sakura coffee

Once in a while, the barista comes up with innovative and sometime weird combinations, like this sakura coffee with whipped vanilla cream. Very instagrammable, but according to my friend, it was horrible.

Big Pan Breakfast

Big pan breakfast was just like a big Australian breakfast with half an avocado (not too ripe, unfortunately), eggs sunny side up, pork sausages, bacon, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and caramelised red onions. Served with rye bread.  The Mangalitza sausages are pork bangers made from curly hair Mangalitza pigs. They looked like pigs in sheep skins, but the meat they produced are great eats. The sausages tasted like any of those from the supermarket, so I could not tell if they are Mangalitza or not. Maybe one of you can leave a message and tell me how to distinguish a Mangalitza sausage from you Meyer’s sausages.

French Toast

The French Toast was a busy plate with maple syrup toasted brioche topped with crispy bacon, marinated cherry tomatoes and broken feta cheese bits scattered all over haphazardly. Looks delish, perhaps I would order this next time.

Not too busy for a weekday morning, but the carpark was full of really expensive cars. Pet friendly, so if you do not like big dogs sharing your breakfast, this is not the corner of Singapore for you.

Wildseed Cafe & Bar
Level 1, 3 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Dr, Park, Singapore 798387
Tel : 96439116

Date visited : Feb 2022

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