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Kan Sushi Revisited (2022)

This sushi place is fast becoming my company’s favourite sushiya to bring our clients to for a quick and wonderful lunch.

Hidden in a corner of the second floor, Kan Sushi 寛寿司  was packed with a mainly Japanese clientele eating their lunch sets, and then in the evening, the mood change and they served omakase style sushis and meals.

Wasabi Ika / Squid

We started with a few appetisers before we started our omakase sushi dinner.

Ala carte Sashimi

We also ordered an assortment of ala carte sashimi from the Daily Special menu that include Buri 鰤 Yellowtail, Tachiuo タチウオ Beltfish, Akagai 赤貝 Ark shell and Madai 真鯛 Japanese Sea Bream. The fish was very fresh and delicious, I wished they used a better wasabi.

Sushi Omakase 15 Pieces 寿司 おまかせ 15 貫

All ingredients are freshly shipped from Japan weekly.

Barfin flounder can be called Samegarei 鮫鰈 or Matsukawa Garei 松川鰈 is a fatty whitefish that is beautiful when slightly aburi, especially the engawa 縁側 fin. This time, we were served both parts of the flatfish. Kohada コハダ Gizzard Shad is seldom served even in the best sushiya, I was surprised they served it with the omakase. And other rare appearances included Kamasu 魳 Barracuda; Shiro Ebi 白海老 Baby White Shrimp which they padded the gunkan with Ikura; Jiodakku ジオダック Geoduck which was not usually served in Japan as it is an imported seafood. Ended with a beautifully done tamagoyaki (rolled egg omelette) as the 16th piece.

Same watermelon and miso soup

And the omakase set came with a miso soup and, of course, cut watermelon.


The place is still value for money after all these years. The freshness of the seafood was outstanding for this meal I had. But it was still breaking at the seam, the kitchen forgot my order, did not give me shoyu for the sushi, and the sushi shoyu tasted off.

Food wise, they are outstanding and offer a lot of variety that one would only find in top sushi-ya. They are still shipping fresh fish every week from Japan’s Toyosu Market, so the best time to visit is the next day when the shipment arrives. They refused to tell me when.

Kan Sushi Tanjong Pagar 寛寿司 ダンジョンパガー
10 Anson Road #02-54 International Plaza
Singapore 079903 
Tel : +65 6221 3678

Visited Oct 2022

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