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Vert City Farm @ Shanghai

Shanghai never failed to amaze with bright new dining concepts these days. The latest was this farm-to-table restaurant called Vert City Farm right above my office.

Right on the rooftop

Don’t be fooled by the name, it did not have a rooftop vegetable farm. Instead, they ran a farm in Chongming Island off Shanghai. They send their vegetables and some of the poultry products (like eggs and chicken) from the farm daily to this place.


And amazingly, they even got a patting zoo with rabbits, baby goats and lhamas, that’s right, 草泥马.

The food was bistro/cafe type and featured a lot of salads. What I loved where their pizzas. You can choose up to 4 flavours in one pizza so you do not need to worry of chomping through one single flavour pizza. Same for salad, you can choose up to 3 flavours from a variety (all twenty of them) similar to an ice-cream bar and building your own ice-cream sundae.


Pretty sure this will be the favourite restaurant for my health conscious team in Shanghai.

Vert City Farm 万禾都市农场餐厅
8/F, 1123 Changning Lu, near Kaixuan Lu
长宁路1123号8楼, 近凯旋路
Tel: 021 6237 3819

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