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Keung Kee 強記美食 @ Hong Kong

There’s a Chinese saying, 酒香不怕巷子深, a good restaurant is not afraid of its location. In Hong Kong there are many street food stalls that have stood the test of time and remain the favourite among the locals.

Keung Kee has not only stood the test of time, but also stood the test of Michelin inspectors. They have been recommended by Michelin Hong Kong as the street food to try. Because of the Michelin nod, it has attracted a new breed of followers.


The stall is famous for street food like glutinous rice with Chinese pork and liver sausages 腊肠润肠糯米饭, steamed rice rolls 肠粉, peanut vegetable stalk pig bone porridge 花生旺菜猪骨粥, aged soy sauce fried noodles 䜴油王炒面, “pauper’s shark fin” 碗仔翅, and other snacks.

Glutinous rice with Chinese pork and liver sausages 腊肠润肠糯米饭

The signature glutinous rice with Chinese pork and liver sausages 腊肠润肠糯米饭 was their claim to fame. The liver sausage 润肠 has a very distinct Chinese wine taste. The whole trolley was filled with the glutinous rice, and scallion,  soy sauce and sausages are added as you order.  The staff will mix the whole lot and then scoop them into plastic bowl for takeaway or onto a plastic bag wrapped enamel plate if you are eating in. Not very environmental friendly, but given the queue, it has to been super efficient.

Frankly speaking, I have only tasted their porridge and fried noodles, which are perfect for late night snack after pub crawl in Wanchai. They were delicious as far as I can remember in my intoxicated state.

But since they have the nod from Michelin, the owners and staff were much more courteous. Perhaps it was also I was always one of the last customers they have for the day. Open until everything is sold off, which is around 11pm~midnight.

Keung Kee 强记美食
382 Lockhart Rd, G/F Chuang’s Enterprises Building, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2572 5207

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