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Happy Kitchen 金の鹿 @ Nara

There’s only one reason why a tourist would go to Nara – to visit Todaiji and feed those wild deers roaming its gardens. On the way leading towards Todaiji, there’s only one place you will pass by that would your last chance to catch lunch.

After feeding the deers in the morning, Happy Kitchen was the only place without a one-hour wait during the weekend we were there, and it was lunchtime. So we decided to go ahead and feed ourselves.

What attracted us was their すき焼きハンバーグ sukiyaki hamburger. It is similar to MOS burger but using local Japanese black beef! At ¥980, it was a steal!

すき焼きハンバーグ sukiyaki hamburger
すき焼きハンバーグ sukiyaki hamburger

The beautifully melted cheddar added to the appeal.

すき焼きハンバーグ sukiyaki hamburger

10/10 for presentation, it was delicious too.

がっつリステーキ gatturi beef steak

The がっつリステーキ gatturi beef steak describes the way the steak is cut into many (gaturri) pieces. Served with its au jus and a side of rice, but it was a poorly executed steak, very dry and overcooked.

牛すじ煮込み stewed beef tendon

Luckily for me, the 牛すじ煮込み stewed beef tendon was beautiful and the rice from the beefsteak was just perfect to eat with the sauce from the stew.

Golden Deer (kinnoshika)

Not a place I would make a detour, but it would be a good place to take a rest before proceeding to Todaiji.

Happy Kitchen 金の鹿
16 Kasuganocho, Nara, 630-8212, Japan
〒630-8212 奈良県奈良市春日野町16
Tel : +81 742-27-2833

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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