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Tajima-ya 但馬屋 @ Osaka

Situated on the 10th floor of the Lucua shopping mall in Osaka, this teppanyaki restaurant specializes in dried aged Kobe beef.

Tajiyama started in 1970 with only 8 seats serving yakiniku using the best local beef. It has changed over the years, constantly evolving from yakiniku, to Japanese steak house to teppanyaki, however never forgetting the original motto to be “the restaurant where one wants to bring special people.”

Over the years, they have acquired the rare honour of being a designated registered store for the Kobe beef. The designated registered store is a title given only to stores approved by the Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council and a proof that you can be sure you are getting the best Kobe beef available.

Dry aged Kobe beef

During the preparation process, the cow is aged with all of its bones for 45 days. The amino acids seep out from the bones, producing a flavorful taste and mellow fragrance.


This particular branch in LUCUA is a teppanyaki restaurant, but not in the traditional sense. It does not have open teppanyaki tables, although the food is cooked in full view of the restaurant without the aroma and smoke of the traditional teppanyaki stores.

究極メニュUltimate menu

究極メニュUltimate menu

The 究極メニュUltimate menu for lunch at ¥8,900 comes with a green salad (overdressed with yuzu sauce, too sour) and a cream of corn soup with truffle oil (very tasty).


Dry Aged Premium Wagyu Beef Fillet

プレミアム熟成黒毛和牛フィレ Dry Aged Premium Wagyu Beef Fillet

The highlight was the プレミアム熟成黒毛和牛フィレ Dry Aged Premium Wagyu Beef Fillet with sponge soy sauce. They cook the wagyu for you to perfection (medium rare) and then they serve it with a sponge soy sauce on top of the fillet.

究極メニュUltimate menu

Came with a mushroom brown sauce to go with the perfectly grilled wagyu beef.

プレミアム熟成黒毛和牛フィレ Dry Aged Premium Wagyu Beef Fillet

The combination of the sponge soy sauce, the mushroom brown sauce and the melts-in-your-mouth wagyu was heavenly.

プレミアム熟成黒毛和牛フィレ Dry Aged Premium Wagyu Beef Fillet

The beef fillet top quality part called the Queen of Meat.  The flesh is fine and the texture is mellow.  The matured fillet has a touch of excitement beyond exquisiteness.

うにく Uniku

A unique combination of gifts from the Sea (sea urchin) and Land (Beef), I nearly missed it because they forgot to put in the order and so it came after the steak was served.

Uniku – patented specialty

The appetiser is served in a cover filled with smoke from burnt spices. It fills the room when opened and leaves behind a slight hint of smokiness to the course.

Sea and land

The taste from this luxurious collaboration brings about an addictive rich and smooth texture all the way down the throat. The umami flavour of the ocean from the sea urchin and the sweetness of the Kobe beef tartare, a delicate balance between uni and beef.

Uni and beef

Too much sea urchin or too much beef would ruin the taste, only the perfect quantity of both performs this unique harmony. The key to accentuate the flavour is the specially marinated egg yolk that binds the uni and beef together. Its appearance with gold leaf sprinkled, only makes it even more appealing, a feast to the eyes and palate.



The service was impeccable as provided by an English-speaking waiter. He gave a detailed explanation of the various cuts & steak choices (ie. Wagyu, Kobe, etc.), dinner sets, and ala carte menu. His recommendations insured that we wouldn’t over order. The quality of beef was exceptional, perfectly prepared & seasoned. All were sublime. Highly recommend this establishment.

Tajima-ya LUCUA 但馬屋 ルクアイーレ
〒530-0001 大阪府大阪市北区梅3-1-3 ルクアイーレ10F

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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