Cup Noodles Museum @ Yokohama

You have eaten one before, now understand how it is made. Welcome to the world of Nissin Cup Noodles.


What is a museum without any exhibitions? Once you walk into the lobby, you will be surprised by the expansive foyer. Buy a ticket and then go check-in your bags in the self-service lockers at the back. You cannot bring the bag around. There’s only the Museum Shop on the ground floor, so you need to walk up the huge staircase for the exhibitions.

Of course, the exhibitions start with the history of the corporation that brought you cup noodles and the brilliant founder and inventor, Mr Ando Momofuku 安藤百福. What is surprising is the exhibition about the woman behind the genius, Mrs Ando Masako.

And look out for that first packet of chicken noodle, the magic noodles as he called them. And the special Japanese way they spelt chikin.

Instant Noodles History Cube

Now to my favourite part of the museum, the wall full of noodles!

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From the first instant noodle in 1958 to the first cup noodle in 1971, what caught my eyes was the first demae ramen 出前一丁 made in 1968. The genius of a good instant noodle and come with a really fragrant satchet of sesame oil. I was always wondering what that flavour for the soup was.

My favourite instant noodle – invented 1968

You know it’s good when the brandname becomes a verb, like fedex or blanco. In HK, the noodles have gained so much popularity it has even more variety than the parent Japanese varieties.

International variations

Another fact I learned from the visit, Nissin owned pretty every major instant noodle brand in the world, including Myojo from Singapore. So, someone wanted to do a hostile takeover of Myojo. Nissin came as a shiny white knight and gave Myojo a bridging loan. In the end, Nissin ended up with a stake of Myojo.

Cupnoodles Park

There’s an obstacle course for kids to burn out their extra energy. The whole obstacle course was designed like a cup noodle assembly line.

My Cupnoodles Factory

The highlight of the visit would be the opportunity for you to make your own cup noodles! It is an edible, one-of-a-kind cup noodle.

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With 4 soup base and choose 4 out of 12 condiments, you have over 10 thousand combinations to work on.

Noodles Bazaar ~ World Noodles Road ~

Noodles Bazaar

Here, you can try noodles from around the world. Everything is half portions, so you can try many different types.

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You can try the original chikin noodles with added ingredients.

Museum Shop

Stop by the shop for one of a kind gifts for friends.

Make a detour to CosmoWorld

And the CosmoWorld is just across the museum, do stop by for some nice rides and the iconic Yokohama ferris wheel.

Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama

Cup Noodles Museum at night

Recommended for the young and old, even if you don’t like cup noodles. It’s an experience not to be missed. While you are Yokohama, you might want to try the other Ramen Museum too.

2-3-4 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0001 Japan
Tel : 045-345-0918

Date Visited : Dec 2019

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