Feline “air”traction

Everyone is crazy about that Kitty cat without a mouth. EVA Airline has a tie-up with Sanrio to bring the characters to their inflight products as well as special livery for special sectors.

This is a special flight between SIN and TPE with the Sanrio characters livery – this is the special Little Twin Stars flight. Of course, the flight is also specially themed with Sanrio’s most famous character – Hello Kitty.

The decor in the plane is filled with Sanrio characters, even the toiletries are co-branded with Kitty.

Special check-in area

The boarding passes and luggage tags are also Kitty decorated. If you travel from TPE to SIN, there’s even a special check-in area for Kitty flights.

Economy Meal (TPE SIN)

Everything you see in the cabin will have that famous cat, from the menu to the plates for the Children menu and elements of Kitty in the meal.

Special Child Menu

If you are travelling with a child, they will get the special Child menu that is overwhelming in cuteness. The fruits are cut to shape and the pudding is made with the Hello Kitty mould. The plastic utensils and napkins are all Kitty.

Economy menu (pork cutlet)

The adult meal is less cute. But you still get special Kitty utensils on a tray lined with Sanrio characters.

Business Class (SIN TPE)

Who says that if you are in Business, you would not be interested with Kitty?

Napkin and coaster

First off, you are offered a drink on a Kitty coaster. One has the urge to keep the coaster to bring home.

Towel ring

Then, the towel ring is Kitty while the rest of the meal is standard fare.

Prawn and salmon tartar

It’s very rarely that raw fish is served on flight for fear of food poisoning. This is a lightly smoked salmon with poached prawn salad, no exactly a tartar.

Main Course

Next up, the main course, and there’s nothing cute about it.

Grilled beef tenderloin

The entree was grilled beef tenderloin with madeira sauce, mixed vegetable and mashed potato. Regretted the choice as beef was leathery.

Seafood laksa noodle

Princess had the seafood laksa, which was very good. I should have chosen this instead.

Fruits and dessert

Again, nothing cute about the fruits.

Pistachio and strawberry cake

The cake was decorated with a piece of printed chocolate wafer with Little Twin Stars.

Coming home

This was a special Dec trip in 2015 to Taipei. On the way back, we took the approach that allowed us to see the newly minted Marina Bay Sands. Welcome home, it’s always good to be home.

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