Quarantine in Shanghai – Day 14 Freedom

Finally, the last day of quarantine. And once the all-clear is given, I will be free to go where I want in China.

Definition of the last day

The last day of the quarantine is clearly defined. We will all be allowed to check-out at the same time we landed in Pudong – exactly 14 days!


Before leaving quarantine, it is mandatory to undergo another round of PCR test. It has to be negative before I am allowed to leave the premise. This is done 48 hours before the end of quarantine.

Looking through the peephole

Medical personnel (as opposed to hotel personnel) in full PPE went around all the rooms to take the PCR swab specimens. They were officials from the government agency and were not exactly customer service oriented. They shouted the orders to open door, took the samples from the throat and then just disappeared to the next room. Military precision.

Packed and ready

And on the thirteenth night, I finished packing up the luggage. I left with only slightly less than what I arrived with, which was surprising.

Health QR code

And right on cue on Day 14, the Health QR code that was essential for me to go about my usual business turned from red to green, signifying the end of quarantine.


Finally the day arrived!

Checking out

I observed from my bedroom window the earlier group that was in the bus that brought all us to this quarantine point. They were on an earlier flight, so they started to check out before me. The security tent doubled as the check-out counter.

Took a final look at the room, making sure I left it the way it was when I came. A knock on the door and I was informed that I can check out of the place. I took a good look at the surrounding – the floor has been covered with plastic sheets, and the I went to my friend’s room to take a look at the view on the other side of the building.

Waiting for PCR and final disinfection

And as we left the building, the baggages were disinfected once again, and then we were given our PCR test results. This was really helpful as it proved that I was cleared of Covid and can travel freely in China.

Clear view of the quarantine hotel

Finally, I got a proper view of the hotel in daylight.

And then I was on my way to my regular itinerary in China. You cannot imagine the relief I was feeling having survived the quarantine without any incident.

So that’s it. From Day 0 when I landed in Pudong, to the Day 1 when I eased into a routine. From stocking up the pantry on Day 2, to receiving gifts from friends and love ones on Day 3, and then housekeeping on Day 5. And then all the Chinese food and International selections on the room service. It is an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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