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Yichunyuan 忆春源 @ Shanghai

New restaurant in my Shanghai office campus serving Cantonese food. And for lunch, they offer Yumcha.

Yi Chun Yuan has three outlets in Shanghai, and this is the latest in Raffles City Changning. It was quite empty of lunchtime, and so we decided to go and try it.

蒸点 Steamed Dimsum

The steamed items were all quite nice, not outstanding, but still one of the better ones in this mall.

煎炸焗点 Fried Dimsum

I skipped all the baked and fried stuff except the radish cake. Called carrot cake in Singapore, this one had Chinese sausage in the cake and was quite alright.

煲仔饭 Casserole Rice

Two different casseroles to share. They took some time to prepare as they were prepared from scratch. I find the salted fish one lacked of salted fish, i.e. they should put more of it 🙂 Both were lacking of the smokiness of casserole rice.

经典小炒 Hong Kong Cuisine

A couple of meat platters to share – one was classic Cantonese style roast and the other Teochew style braise. Both were quite delicious.

The stir-fry dishes were done very well. However I seldom ate my dinners here in the mall so I would not have a chance to try their other dishes that were available during the dinner service.

杏仁露 Almond Paste

Even though they provided hot dessert (mung bean soup) and cut fruits for free as self-service, I could not resist to order the almond paste as I loved the taste of almond (even though my mom thought that it smelt of cockroach).

Overall the food was alright, but because it was quite new, this service staff needed more training. This would be a restaurant that we would go only if the rest are fully booked.

Yi Chun Yuan 忆春源粤菜馆(长宁来福士店)
Tel: 021-62100667 021-62100766

Date Visited : Jul 2021

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