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It’s Friday Night in Manhattan

With the resumption of nightlife in Singapore, the bars are getting crowded, very crowded. And popular bars like Manhattan, there’s a waiting list to get a table to get in.

Inspired by the Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking, Manhattan is reminiscent of a grand hotel bar, modern yet with a touch of old New York glamour and sophistication. Manhattan was recently placed 15th in World’s 50 Best Bars and 6th in Asia’s 50 Best Bars.

Welcome drink

This was the first bar that welcomed me with a cocktail. A spritzer made from red wine and fizzy stuff (not sure what it was), very refreshing start to a night of drinking.

New York Personifed

Even the menu exploded with creativity. The New York Personified is a pictorial essay of cocktails inspired by New Yorkers past and present. There’s a cocktail called “Cigarette Break” in honour of Anthony Bourdain, and “3000” after the famous line in Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr is a New Yorker).

Manhattan Trolley

Manhattan has the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse and a remarkable collection of house-made ingredients, accompanied by gourmet bar bites. The rick is the structure that allows barrels to rest on their side. And if you order the cocktail Manhattan, the bartender will come and concoct the Manhattan right next to your table.

Barrel Aged Manhattan with complimentary pastrami

There’s no need to worry about drinking on an empty stomach, Manhattan will serve a complimentary warm pastrami sandwich with every drink ordered.

I am not much of a drinker these days, but Manhattan is definitely worth a visit some time.

Level 2, Regent Singapore, 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715
Tel : +65 6725 3377

Visited in Apr 2022

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