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Tampopo Grand @ Orchard

The Phase 2 of Circuit Breaker started and restaurants started to allow dine-in. We wanted to have a meal that would never be the same by delivery – sushi.

We went to Takashimaya in Orchard Road to buy a wok because they decided to throw a sale with this Phase 2. Not wise, the place was really packed. We quickly picked our wok, paid for it and went for dinner before the rest of the crowd, a good hour before the usual dinner time.


I forgot how much I enjoy dining out. The familiar piece of paper on the counter with the one-use chopstick; the ritual for me to fold the chopstick pocket into a origami Fuijisan chopstick holder; the anticipation of the meal to come. Yes, I really miss all the rituals of dining out.


Sat at the sushi counter and because of social distancing, we had the seats between us and the next diners blocked out so there were only 4 of us at the counter. One of the perks of Phase 2.

Sushi and sashimi set

Sushi and sashimi set

It was a Sunday, the fish were supplied on Friday. Most have been sold on Saturday. So we have to settle for the fact that some choice cuts were not available. The tuna has been replaced with scallops, hamachi (yellowtail) with mekajiki (swordfish), salmon belly replaced with a piece of chutoro, not a shabby replacement.

Complete meal

The set was complete with a salad and a pickled seaweed for starter, miso soup and chawanmushi. Well, the salmon was so-so, normal Norwegian farmed salmon as no Japanese fisherman will sell wild-caught salmon for sashimi and sushi. The scallops have seen better days. But the chutoro and mekajiki were delicious.

Uni hand roll

Luckily for me, I got my uni (sea urchin) fix with a special order of the handroll. The uni is creamy and full of satisfying umami.

Special Gozen bento “Matsu”

Special Gozen bento “Matsu”

Because the supply of fish was limited, we ordered a bento instead of more sushi/sashimi. We went for the special Gozen bento – the Matsu set – the best one on offer for an incredible value at $48 for dinner ($38 for lunch, dinner comes with Japanese fruit for dessert).

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The meal came with many little dishes, and my favourite was the stewed kurobuta pork belly with the special Japanese mixed grain rice. The grilled fish was a miso-glazed cod fish with a grilled slice of sweet potato. The bento was really filling and value for money.

OK, they forgot about the Japanese fruit at the end of the dinner, but after a long lockdown, this has been an enjoyable dinner for us.

Tampopo Grand
391A Orchard Road #04-28, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore 238872
Tel : +65 6735 2959

Date Visited : Jun 2020

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