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Ginza Hitsujiya Hanare @ Tokyo

Ginza is famous for being a trendy hotspot, but unknown to many there’s also a business district with many good food. Hidden among them is this trendy lamb specialty shop found in a back lane.

Ginza Hitsujiya was founded in 2010 as a sister shop of their bigger Ginza shop among the business offices. They offer very reasonably priced set lunches and in the evening the grills get going. They get their lamb directly from Shiranuka-cho ranch, Hokkaido. The lamb is carefully select and has no gamey taste that many come to associate with lamb meat. Unlike the ジンギスカン Jingisukan (“Genghis Khan”) lamb specialty restaurants popular in Hokkaido, they use a BBQ net 網ジン “amijin” like a yakiniku shop instead of the helmet-like stove.

ラムチョップ Lamb Chop

ラムチョップ Lamb Chop

The lamb chops are taken from the finest lamb without any gamey taste associated with this particular type of meat. In addition, excess fat are removed and each piece is carefully cut and served. Only a simple salt and pepper for taste.

The lamb meat is tender and softer than beef. The trick is to grill it without flipping it too often.

ネギ塩ラム肩ロース Lamb Shoulder Loin with scallion salt

There is only enough shoulder loin that can be taken from one lamb for four people. This loin is used for grilling and they use only chopped scallions and salt with their homemade marinade. You just need to grill to medium doneness  for the most delicious and tender meat.

巻き野菜と薬味のセット Vegetables and condiments

Eat the lamb with lettuce and their homemade condiments that include a hot sauce and a miso blended sauce.


Ginza Hitsujiya Hanare 銀座羊屋 はなれ
3-8-8 Tarobo Bldg. 1F, Ginza, Chuo 104-0061 Tokyo Prefecture
Tel : +81 90-6654-8418

Date Visited : Apr 2017

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