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Ganko がんこ 道頓堀店 @ Dontonburi

Ganko Sushi Washoku is a Japanese family restaurant with branches all over Japan, but it all started here in Osaka. And their Dontonburi shop is their largest in Japan.

馬刺し上赤身 horse meat sashimi

馬刺し上赤身 horse meat sashimi

Direct from Kumamoto 熊本, this is a delicacy seldom found outside of Japan because eating Mr Ed is not exactly a gourmet’s choice.

鰻ひつまぶし Unagi Hitsubushi

The complete set comes with a bowl of unagi don, a side portion of zaru soba and a chawanmushi.

鰻ひつまぶし Unagi Hitsubushi

You can divide the 鰻ひつまぶし unagi bowl into 4 portions and enjoy the set in three ways.

  • The first cup is as it is, and use the shiso salt to flavour as required. You can enjoy the chef’s original intention.
  • The second cup is recommended with wasabi and seasoning. Sharp and savoury at the same time.
  • The third cup is to add the dash stock and enjoy it as Ochazuke. It has a refreshing scent.
ざるそば zaru soba

Served with a side of ざるそば zaru soba.

蓮根明太挟み揚げ Lotus root with mentaiko kaarage

蓮根明太挟み揚げ Lotus root with mentaiko kaarage

Mentaiko is sandwiched between two slices of lotus roots and deep fried with batter coating. Deliciousness, satisfaction in a spicy bundle.

旨魚造り盛 sashimi moriawashi

旨魚造り盛 sashimi moriawashi

Luxurious combination of sashimi – chutoro, botan ebi, ikura, salmon, hamachi, kimedai, hotate.


Ganko Sushi started as a small 15-square-meter shop in Juso, Osaka in 1963. This is a huge store, so it usually has the shortest wait in Dontonburi. However, the service here is horrible, everyone working here is stressed by rude tourists. So don’t expect the Japanese hospitality to be on parade here.


You are greeted by plastic replicas of the food they serve. And you will be amazed at how close the actual presentation looks like the plastics.

Not a gourmet stop, but nevertheless a good shop to go to if everything else is full.

Ganko Washoku Dontonburi がんこ 寿司・道頓堀店
〒542-0071 大阪府大阪市中央区道頓堀1-8-24
Tel : 06-6212-1705

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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